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Hey all~!

Hiya. My name's KC, and I've just recently been introduced into the Count Cain-verse. He was originally the basis for one of my friend Yume's many many RP characters, and one that spawned me to search for anything Count Cain. Much to my dissappointment, early on, I had only found French sites, and, not being able to understand a bit of french besides 'telecharger' and 'noir et blanc', I felt like giving up, and just image searched. Earlier in the week, I found a place to get scanlation zips, so I've been thriving off of those. ^________^ quite enjoyable. ::points to icon:: Yep, my friend Ashley said that she could picture my Tori (whos appearance is based on Cain) singing the song "Puttin' on the Ritz", dancing with a cane, and Shizuka (my character) singing in the background of the song, "Super Duuuper~!"

Yeah. I'm...done now... ^.^;;; I think I've rambled on enough..
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