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My Introduction. Looking For Count Cain Earlier Series.

Hello everyone! My name is Luckydude20 but you guys can call me Lucky. I just joined livejournal yesterday and I'm really excited about this whole set-up. You could just imagine my exceitement when I found a GodChild community a while ago. I just brought GodChild volume 1 a couple of weeks ago and I just can't put it down. This is without a doubt one of Kaori's Yuki's best works.

GodChild has captured my heart and it really is one of the best mangas out there. But I do have a question for you people here at the community. After drooling over the beautiful artwork of the cover, I came across the first page which introduced the re-introduced the series. Kaori said that GodChild was a sequel to her earlier works of the Count Cain saga. My question has to do with the original Count Cain saga. I was wondering if you any of you guys knew where to find the earlier Count Cain series. GodChild is licenced, yes I know, but I was wondering about the earlier works in the Count Cain saga. Any scans or anything? I really want to start from the begining of the begining in the Count Cain saga. Any ideas? Thanks.
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